Laurie Stanhope

Web Design & Development

Laurie Stanhope

Web Design & Development

The Brief

Logo Prompt

Name Ideas

Streaming Music Startup

Beat, Pitch, Bass

"This is a great challenge as there are so many ways to go. Make sure to position yourself to be different than the big three players in the industry (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud).

Remember their colors are green, blue & red, and orange respectively.

Try to choose a color that makes your logo stand out!".

Stage 1: Research

Industry Research

To understand the context, I researched styles and color schemes used by existing companies within the online music industry.

I also collected icons and images that symbolise and connate music and streaming that could be visual clues in the logo to explain the brand to potential customers.

Stage 2: Type & Design Ideas

Type & Idea Generation

Using pen and pencil, or heading straight into Illustrator, I start to create shapes and forms around the ideas stemmed from the first stage.

After working with the 'Pitch' brand name, I experimented with the letter P and creating a mark which would indicate the musical theme whilst providing the smooth, modern aesthetic that I had decided was necessary for this company.

Stage 3: Idea Development

Idea Development

Having selected my typeface, I decided on a rich red gradient to give the brand a professional, premium image. Manipulating some curves into the cursive lettering and leaving some gaps keeps the logo unique and modern.

I wanted to incorporate a musical symbol within the text logo to give it more identity and create something more recognisable for potential and current customers.